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The Intuition Primer: Practical Lessons to Launch Your Intuition

Written By: angartemis11 - Feb• 22•12

The Intuition Primer: Practical Lessons to Launch Your Intuition is out on Amazon Kindle!

The newest addition to Synchronicity Publishing is published.

The Intuition Primer is a book for the novice and seasoned intuitive alike.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to life’s problems when you need them? To know without a doubt, that you are on the right track? And, that the decisions and choices you’re making are the correct ones?

If you’re unsure, always second guessing yourself and wonder if you might be on the wrong path in life, developing your intuition is the answer you’ve been looking for to:• Get solutions to problems in your life
• Heighten your success in all areas of life
When you develop your intuition, you’ll learn how listening to your gut and following your hunches can put you on the right track. By learning to follow your intuition you’ll be led directly to the solutions and guidance you need to make the right choices and decisions. When you make the right choices and decisions you automatically improve your chances of being successful in any venture you undertake.

Intuitive decision making can be applied to any area of life or situation.

You can use the techniques you learn in “The Intuition Primer” to help you achieve more success in your career, finances, relationships, health, parenting, finding your passion and true purpose and more.

Listening to your intuition leads to many fortunate opportunities too.

When you learn to follow your hunches you’ll be led to do things you might never have considered doing before. By placing yourself in new situations with new people you open the door to many wonderful coincidences that will propel you toward new adventures and great success.

By aligning with your intuition, the path before you will become completely clear and your life will flow more easily and effortlessly than you ever could have imagined.

Don’t wait. The sooner you start following your intuition – the sooner your life will turn around!

Check out The Intuition Primer and Navigating by Intuition both on Amazon.
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Amazon 100 Top Paid Kindle Book on Intuition

Written By: angartemis11 - Jan• 19•12

Looking for Amazon 100 Top Paid Kindle Books on intuition?

Look no further.

Navigating by Intuition How to Follow the Signs is an Amazon 100 Top Paid Kindle Store Book.

Synchronicity Publishing is proud to announce that this title is among the top 5 books in its category of Occult/ESP.

The book is a unique new approach to following your intuition.

No practice or exercises of any kind are required.

Once you learn this method you will never have to pay for a professional reading anywhere again.

You will become your own adviser.

This method was devised by author, Angela Artemis. She spells out the easy steps to hearing the guidance that the Universe is sending you and how to ask for answers directly – and get them almost immediately. Having spent her own life struggling to hear her intuition Ms. Artemis came up with this easy solution that anyone can follow. It was only after she learned to decode the language of intuition that her own life turned around. Before that everything was a struggle and knowing which were the right decisions to make to move in the right direction was often difficult.

Within minutes of reading this book you will know how to “follow the signs” the Universe is sending you. The Universe is always communicating with us whether we know it or not. It’s up to us to learn this “secret language” though. Once we learn it there is nothing the Universe will not inform us of if we ask.

Are you struggling with big questions in your life? This book has the answers. Don’t spend any more time worrying  about a solution. The solutions are within your grasp! Just reach out and read this book to see how easy it is to get the answers and direction you desire for your life now.

Available on Amazon Kindle for immediate download.

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Holiday Offer on Navigating by Intuition

Written By: angartemis11 - Dec• 24•11

Holiday Offer on Navigating by Intuition

Just in time for the holiday, pricing on Navigating by Intuition is going to down to just 99 cents.

The book will teach you how the Universe communicates to you through “signs” to guide you when  you need it most.

If you have ever asked for divine guidance when going through turbulent times in your life, then this book is for you. Take advantage of this holiday offer on Navigating by Intuition.

Who wouldn’t want guidance when their life feels out of control? If you’ve ever felt this way then you’ll find the complete set of directions to getting your life back on track in Navigating by Intuition – How to Follow The Signs.

Are you aware that the Greater Intelligence that is behind every creation in the Universe wants to help you?

This intelligence is only too willing to speak to you but, you’ve got to understand the “language” it speaks. Humans use words to communicate but the Universe doesn’t. This intelligence speaks the universal language of “signs” to send you important information on how to make the best of your life. If you’re not aware of the signs, or able to understand them, you’re missing out on the most valuable guidance there is.

When you learn to “follow the signs” that this intelligence sends you your life will take a turn for the better. You will meet with success after success–no more brick walls. The reason for this is because you’re following the path that you were meant to be on in this life. You have a purpose and a destiny but to discover it you need to learn how to decode the guidance you are being sent by Greater Intelligence.

Once you begin following these signs your life will be on the path that takes you straight to your highest good and your greatest potential will be realized. You’ll stand out and apart from others as you make right decision after right decision. Everyone will wonder what your “secret” is? You can tell them that your secret is that you know how to “speak intuition.”

Don’t you want live your best life right now? You can once you learn to Navigate by Intuition and follow the signs.

Listening to your intuition puts you in the flow of life

Pick up your copy of: Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs and let the Greater Intelligence that created the entire Universe guide you to start living the life of your dreams right now, today.

Watch the book trailer:

No Kindle? No problem. Kindles have come down in price. Now you can get yours for just $79.

Take advantage of the holiday offer on Navigating by Intuition and pick up your copy today.

The 99 cent pricing won’t last forever!








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Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs

Written By: angartemis11 - Oct• 03•11

Navigating by Intuition shows you the steps to take to get the guidance you need—when you need it.

Have you ever asked for divine guidance when making difficult decisions in your life?

Have you wished for a sign to appear that would tell you if you were on the right path or not? If so, this book is for you.

You will learn how to “follow” the signs and how to ask for a sign to appear. Now you need never feel alone and afraid when making decisions again.

When you learn to “navigate by intuition” and “follow the signs,” your life will flow with ease. And, you will be directed to your highest good in all situations.

Start living your best life now. Learn to navigate by intuition and follow the signs toward all the joy, abundance and success you deserve.

Following your intuition makes life easier

There are three components to “following the signs.”

The first one is to become aware of the signs.

The second component is to learn to interpret the signs.

And, last is to ask for signs directly.

Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs lays out this process through examples that make it easy to apply to your own life.

Don’t live in dark. Turn on your intuition power and illuminate the path you were meant to be on in this life.

Move toward your highest good and actualize your full potential.

Allow the Universe to guide you in difficult times and in good times

One closely guarded secret is that of using synchronicity and serendipity to guide your life.

Learn this secret now and how to apply it in your own life.

Use the principle of “fortunate coincidences” to calculate whether your life is moving in the right direction.

Pick up your copy of: Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs and allow the Universe to guide you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Watch the book trailer:









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Welcome Authors!

Written By: Eric - Jun• 24•11

Synchronicity Publishing is a new publishing company devoted to one type of author only: Awesome inspired authors.

Coming soon: “The Intuition Principle – Quit Chasing Your Dreams and Attract Them to You Instead!

Visit the for more information about this book.

Check back soon for a longer list of our titles.